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I haven't had time to read the entire
79 pages of the Army's new OPSEC guidelines, which apparently cover
uniformed personnel as well as civilian contractors and family members,
however I have read this piece and it is cause for concern if some of Noah's characterizations are correct.

Occasionally I'm contacted by media
organizations who want to tape an interview, usually when events occur
which will impact military families. Right before the President's
speech on the way forward in Iraq, I received some media requests. The
aim was to come to my home, film me watching the speech and then
interview me about my reaction to what was said. I have never done a
television interview. Ironically, I think I would have accepted one of
these invitations, but I happened to be out of town and not in
Washington during the President's speech, so I was unavailable.

I farm these interviews out when possible. My husband calls me a
"chicken" for doing this, and he's mostly right. When I'm contacted,
it's usually because the outlet is looking for a "pro-victory" point of
view and they know, obviously, that I represent that point of view. No
doubt they already have the opposing view lined up. One of the reasons
I'm leery of television interviews is because of ambush tactics such as
those recently used against my blog mom, who was asked to appear on an
ABC News show with another mother to discuss Iraq.

arrived at the prescribed time, I put my earpiece in, got the
microphone clipped to my sweater and the cord appropriately hidden. The
New York producer and the director (or tech guy??) both spoke in my ear
and I did the microphone test... 1, 2, 3, 4... 10, 9, 8, 7. I sat
listening to the broadcasts and news feeds in my ear for a good 20
minutes, including a few on-air promos of the upcoming interview “with
two military moms with their take on the President's State of the Union
Address,” as well as the two lead-in interviews with two of ABC's
female political reporters -- one in New York and one in D.C.

thinking, Great. I have Hillary or Nancy in the other chair! Close.
Turns out it was Barbara Boxer’s friend, Anne Roesler not to mention Nancy Pelosi’s
darling. While there was a small legend that appeared and quickly
disappeared under Ms. Roesler’s picture, turns out that Anne Roesler is
no ordinary, average “military mom”, but a practiced anti-war speaker