Not surprisingly, ABC has been very aggressive in helping the progressive movement, opposing president Donald Trump since the 2016 election ended and now, attacking anything conservative. There is also emerging evidence that even though Disney CEO Bob Iger is willing to work with the President, ABC chief Ben Sherwood seems to want to do the opposite. Perhaps the most recent and most evidence is the upcoming miniseries, When We Rise.

Wednesday night on CNN, Van Jones had The View’s Whoopi Goldberg on his special townhall style series The Messy Truth as his guest. The show, which admirably attempts to get people from both sides of the political aisle talking to eachother, unfortunately only made the truth messier with Whoopi, who made a number of dubious and patently false claims.

Here's a quick list for The View host of times Hollywood blacklisted conservatives. Whoopi Goldberg thinks it’s pure “BS” that conservatives don’t get a fair shake in Hollywood. And, for a change, she made some sound arguments to back up her thinking this week on The View.

The liberal women of The View on Thursday freaked out over a ruling by a federal judge that offers doctors religious freedom protections regarding transgender patients. After reading the Hippocratic Oath, an extremely agitated Whoopi Goldberg seemed to indicate that those who believe in God shouldn’t go into the medical field: “Don't be a doctor. If you believe that there's a higher power, you cannot take this oath.” 

On Wednesday’s The View, the panel discussed the upcoming presidential debates and what the roles of the moderators should be. The discussion started with agreement that moderators should fact-check each candidate throughout the debate and how that was helpful for viewers who may not be “political junkies.” Behar then brought up 2012 debate moderator, Candy Crowley and insinuated that she was punished for fact-checking Romney.

On Tuesday The View premiered its 20th season, continuing its tradition of outrageous liberal views. The show began with “Hot Topics,” discussing NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem that made waves in the media this past week. Of course the mostly liberal panel stood up for the multi-millionaire’s un-American display. Co-host Joy Behar had the strangest defense for Kaepernick, saying that it made him “more American” to disrespect the flag, even suggesting that protesters who burned the flag were more patriotic than the rest of us.

On Tuesday’s The View, host Whoopi Goldberg openly admitted that she couldn't care less if the DNC rigged the system, because it was at the expense of “a white guy.” After revealing emails broke last Friday showing DNC officials had conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders, the ladies at The View became angry at Sanders supporters disrupting the Democratic Convention with their booing. Whoopi became enraged and ranted that they should be supporting Hillary Clinton because, “[The system] has been rigged against women for years!”

The majority of the panel on Tuesday’s The View were furious about former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech defending police officers at the RNC last night. Panelists Joy Behar, CNN’s Sunny Hostin, ABC’s Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg blasted the Mayor for his tone and message, calling him “nutty,” “berserk” “lunatic” and “divisive” while FNC’s Jedediah Bila was the only panelist to defend Giuliani’s speech.

As The View’s resident lawyer pundit, Sunny Hostin throws around her legal expertise a lot but never so often as when she’s blindly defending Hillary Clinton. The CNN analyst along with co-host Whoopi Goldberg, did her best to defend Clinton against Fox News’s Jedediah Bila on Monday’s morning discussion on The View. After being on vacation for a week, the panel spent the last fifteen minutes of the show discussion last week’s hearing where FBI director James Comey recommended Hillary Clinton not be indicted over her emails, despite her “extreme carelessness.” 

After the House Benghazi Committee released their final report on Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the 2012 attacks in Libya that killed four Americans, the political heavyweights at The View had a strong defense for Hillary ready. On Wednesday’s show, liberal panelists Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Raven-Symone and Whoopi Goldberg complained about how unfairly the media has treated Clinton and how unjust it was to spend 7 million dollars of “taxpayer money” into Benghazi.

Monday’s The View opened by discussing this morning’s Supreme Court decision to rule against Texas abortion clinic safety regulations. The panel praised the decision as a victory for women’s rights to “privacy” while co-host Joy Behar said that the pro-lifers were “just chipping away” at Roe V. Wade. Whoopi Goldberg said she was “thrilled” about the ruling before strangely claiming she was “pro-life;” even claiming that all of the ladies on the show were “pro-life,” they just happened to be for “a woman’s right to choose.” Say what?

On Wednesday’s The View, the panel discussed President Obama’s speech yesterday where he slammed those in the GOP “yapping” about him not using the phrase “radical Islam” when talking about terrorist attacks. Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symone defended the President’s position, while Goldberg claimed, falsely, that Obama “used to say” these words but they were never “good enough” for his critics.