GMA Devotes Half-Hour to Dems With Donaldson-Dominated Panel, Fox Puff Piece

When I first tuned to ABC this morning, I thought there might have been some schedule snafu owing to the switch to Standard Time. But no; I eventually realized I was indeed watching Good Morning America and not a late-night DNC infomercial.

You could forgive me for being confused, because the first half-hour amounted to little more than a love-letter to the party of Pelosi.

First up, GMA staged an "Election Pre-Game" panel, complete with that catchy NFL theme music. Nifty game plan, perhaps, but then ABC fielded an unbalanced team. Liberal lion Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts - voice of the center-left DC media establishment - and political reporter Jake Tapper. No George Will or other conservative to dilute Donaldson. To strain the pigskin metaphor, GMA host Kate Snow, whose anti-tax cut antics I noted here back in May, served as coach/referee.

Then it was on to an excerpt of George Stephanopoulos' interview of Michael J. Fox that will be shown in its entirety later this morning on This Week. It was the puffiest of pieces, the softest of balls. Excerpts:

  • "When I sat down with Michael J. Fox . . . I asked him what he thought about Rush's charge that he exaggerated his symptoms."
  • "What's the best evidence you've seen recently of the progress of stem cell research?"
  • "And your goal now is to go out and elect candidates who will, I guess, override the president's veto?"

Hard-hitting stuff!

Throwing it back to the GMA host, Steph added: "Michael's going to continue using that unique position he has, Dan. He's going to be campaigning this week in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey." Made we wonder if George had unwittingly slipped back into his Dem campaign-aide persona, giving out "his" candidate's schedule for the week.

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