Video Preview of Bush Assassination Film

The British newspaper The Daily Mail has published a video clip of “Death of a President,” the controversial film about to be released dealing with the assassination of George W. Bush (hat tip to Drudge). As reported by DM:

The shocking footage, which you can preview exclusively here, is from a new Channel 4 movie to be broadcast on More4 in October, focusing on the fictional slaying of the world's most powerful man.

Watch a clip from the film everyone's talking about

Baz Bamigboye gives his analysis

Computer generated imagery grafted the head of the real George Bush onto that of an actor for the sensational moment when the president is slain by two bullets from an assassin's rifle.

The £2 million movie, called Death of a President, has sparked controversy in America, with its British film-makers having to be guarded by private security men at this week's Toronto International Film Festival after threats were made on their lives.

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