Sunday Sports Open Thread

Well, sports fans, at least we had some excitement last night after mostly boring blowouts throughout the afternoon.

What a fabulous finish between W. Kentucky and Gonzaga regardless of the missed TO call. Purdue-Washington was a real pleasure, as was Duke-Texas. 

What's in store today?

  • 5:20 PM ET (9) Siena vs. (1) Louisville
  • 2:50 PM ET (8) Oklahoma State vs. (1) Pittsburgh
  • 5:00 PM ET (10) USC vs. (2) Michigan State
  • 4:50 PM ET (6) Marquette vs. (3) Missouri
  • 2:30 PM ET (11) Dayton vs. (3) Kansas
  • 12:10 PM ET (6) Arizona State vs. (3) Syracuse
  • 2:20 PM ET (12) Wisconsin vs. (4) Xavier
  • 2:40 PM ET (13) Cleveland State vs. (12) Arizona

Race fans have to be excited about Bristol today.

On to basketball, two teams in the Eastern Conference are currently playoff bound -- with sub-.500 record? Also, is this LeBron's year?

Looks like some fabulous battles ahead for the top playoff spots in the NHL.

Anything else?

Sports Open Thread