'1/2 Hour News Hour': President Limbaugh Addresses Nation from Southwestern White House

CRITICAL UPDATE: At end of post, Rush responds to NBers' concerns regarding his appearance with two women in bikinis.  


For those that missed Sunday's "1/2 Hour News Hour" on Fox News, as he promised a few weeks ago, President Limbaugh is on vacation (video available here courtesy of El Rushbo himself).

Addressing the nation from the Southwestern White House, President Limbaugh informed us that:

  • America's problems were largely solved during his first six months in office
  • Most of his cabinet has resigned out of sheer boredom
  • The Limbaugh tax cuts are in place
  • The war on terror has been won
  • Michael Moore has been exiled to Cuba
  • America's future has never looked brighter
  • As long as he's in the White House, America is in good hands.

Critical Update: Folks, as some have commented that it was inappropriate of Rush to appear in this video flirting with two young women wearing bikinis, I e-mailed him to comment. Here's his response:

Sure...it's a COMEDY show, designed to get laughs. There was a little bit of a "Hey, libs, take this (Clinton)" aspect to it. But mostly it was just for the fun of it. And I always relish the opportunity to appear "out of character" and display other aspects of my "talent." At any rate, I am not married, either in real life or as President. Plus, my whole cabinet has quit out of boredom because I am doing such a great job.

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