ZDNet Blogger Falls for Google Gags on April Fools Day?

UPDATE/retraction (April 2 | 14:48 EDT): So re-reading and re-reading again Rogers' posts, I've realized he was cleverly playing with and playing up both April Fools pranks by Google. It is notable, of course, that Rogers does regularly blog about all things Google on a regular basis and that his posts, dated March 31 shortly before midnight, were not explicitly marked as satirical or as April Fools writeups. My apologies for not double checking.

ZDNet blogger Garrett Rogers appears to have fallen for not one but two April Fools gags by Google. Happens to the best of us, I suppose, but it's still amusing. One had to do with Google offering a broadband Internet access via the toilet, the other with Google offering to snail mail you any and all emails in your account that you want a hard copy of.

As one who briefly believed, but didn't blog about, the Google Paper gag, I'm laughing with you, Garrett.

Speaking of laughing with us, at me, check out MRC's 2007 April Fools Edition of our biweekly Notable Quotables publication.

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