HuffPo Commenters Wish Tony Snow Ill Upon Learning of Upcoming Surgery

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is set to undergo an operation. The Associated Press reports the surgery is to "remove a growth" in Snow's lower abdomen. Snow, you may recall, is a surviver of colon cancer.

Dean Barnett at noticed that outpouring of well wishes from Huffington Post commenters:

Naturally, the Huffington Post community weighs in with its own unique form of sympathy. A few samples:

- “Sure holding all that bulls**t in your gut would make anybody sick..!”

- “The growth in his abdomen is his head stuck up his a**. F**k him!! He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!!”

- “You can only swallow so much............can you say karma.................”

Of course, some posters wished Snow well in that charming HuffPo way:

- “I’m sorry to hear about this for Tony, I hope it is all good news for the guy. Tony may be a BushCo whore but nobody deserves to have cancer, it’s a terrible desease that has caused far too much misery to my family and many, many more.”

Barnett also says he saved a screenshot to prove it "if and when this thread disappears down Arianna's memory hole."

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