Here We Go! MSNBC Reports ‘Voter Intimidation in Virginia’

The polls have only been open for a few hours, and MSNBC is already reporting allegations of voter intimidation in Virginia. Of course, “Hardball’s” David Shuster only discussed Democrat complaints towards Republicans even though the FBI refused to comment (video here). The article on this subject at stated (hat tip to TVNewser):

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the possibility of voter intimidation in the U.S. Senate race between Sen. George Allen, a Republican, and Democratic challenger James Webb, officials told NBC News.

The article continued:

State officials alerted the Justice Department on Tuesday to several complaints of suspicious phone calls to voters who attempted to misdirect or confuse them about election day, Jean Jensen, Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections, told NBC’s David Shuster.

Jensen told NBC that she had been contacted by FBI agents. The FBI in Richmond refused to comment.

State Democratic Party counsel Jay Myerson said in a written statement issued by the Webb campaign that he believed Republicans are behind an orchestrated effort to suppress votes for the Democratic challenger.

This raises a seemingly obvious question: How many reports are we going to see like this today, and will any address allegations against Democrats?

Update: I've been doing more research on this, and have found what appears to be a statement from the Virginia Board of Elections concerning this matter. What is peculiar is that this looks like a press release on "Newswire Services." Yet, a Google News search identified that only a handful of what appear to be liberal websites ran this "press release." Furthermore, even though this was "released" on November 6, I can find nothing at LexisNexis.

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