Top 100 Radio Host List, Dominated By Conservatives -- Rush #1

February 13th, 2008 11:58 AM

Talkers Magazine has put out their "2008 Heavy Hundred" list rating radio talk show hosts across the country and one thing is obvious, conservatives still reign supreme in radio.

The top ten includes one "progressive" (Ed Schultz) and one shock jock (Don Imus), but is otherwise dominated by conservatives. The rest of the list has a smattering of sports guys and a very few more left-talkers, but just as in the top ten, much of the other 90 slots are dominated by conservatives.

#1- Rush Limbaugh, #2- Sean Hannity, #3- Michael Savage, #4- Dr. Laura Schlessinger, #5- Glenn Beck, # 6- Laura Ingraham, #7- Don Imus, #8- Ed Schultz, #9- Mike Gallagher, #10- Neal Boortz

In an interview with, Talkers Mag Editor Michael Harrison discussed the loss of traction seen by several well-known left-talkers.

Two of the most popular liberal hosts on the list lost ground in the ratings compared to last year. North Dakota-based Ed Schultz dropped from fifth to eighth. Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes plummeted from 13th to 40th place.

Amusingly, Harrison tried to soft peddle the loss of status that progressive talkers have seen over the last year.

Harrison explained that determining liberal hosts' positions on the list was more difficult than placing conservatives.

"It's a very subjective thing, determining the popularity of liberal hosts, because they have this sort of alternate universe they operate in," he said. "They have more importance because they're not a dime-a-dozen like so many conservatives out there."

I assume that was an effort by the Editor to forestall attacks for being "unfair" to left-talkers. Whatever the case, they fell in status and that cannot be papered over.

So, congratulations to the conservative talk radio stars that once again made the top 100 list and it shows that conservatism isn't a dead issue despite how badly Congress has muffed it for us all.