Kid Rock Tells Sean Penn 'F--king Suck It, Commie' in Ad to Not Let Politics Divide Us

The odd couple of Kid Rock and Sean Penn have teamed up to create a public service announcement to not let politics divide us.

After the pair trade caustic barbs that include Rock telling Penn "F--king suck it, commie," and Penn referring to Rock as a troglodyte, they finally bury the hatchet, and present a positive image of what America is supposed to be (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

The ad began with Penn walking into a bar that happens to be playing a Mitt Romney campaign event on the television. After ordering a drink, Penn asked the bartender to change the channel.

“A bit Neanderthal,” he snarked.

The camera moved to the TV set where Romney was introducing Rock to perform. A disgusted Penn shakes his head and does a face palm.

The television then showed Rock singing “I Was Born Free,” when suddenly you hear someone singing it in the bar. It turns out Rock is at the same bar on the other side from Penn.

At that moment, the channel was changed, and it’s President Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres.

Rock first sneered at the set, and then headed towards Penn.

“Hope and change, huh,” Kid said to Penn. “Four years later and working folks are just hoping to have a little change left over after your boy here, O-bummer, gets done taxing them to death and redistributing the wealth.”

“Was it Goebbels who said, ‘Tell a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth?’” asked Penn.

From there, the two played The Dozens for a while swapping political and religious insults.

Getting really annoyed, Rock said, “You know what? F—king suck it, commie.”

“Commie?” asked Penn as he stood up to face Rock. “At least I’m not a seal-clubbing, Confederate flag-waiving, oil whore and Chick-fil-A-eating, water-boarding, NASCAR-loving, Cayman Island bank account-having, endangered species-hunting, war mongering, redneck, toothless, Wall Street troglodyte.”

“Yeah, I guess not,” responded Kid. “That’s because you’re basically a tofu-munching, welfare-loving, Prius-driving, Obama-sucking, tree-hugging, whale-saving, gay marriage-fantasizing, big government-voting, PETA-chasing, Oprah Winfrey-masturbating, flag-burning, socialist, ACLU whiny-assed granolacrat.”

Penn then took off his jacket, and the insults got even more serious and personal.

At that point, they’re interrupted by a lady with a Caribbean accent who told them both how ungrateful they are and called them a couple of “douchebags who’d rather fight over whose d—k’s bigger.”

Rock and Penn seem undeterred and continued their battle until the television cut in with breaking news.

The camera panned back to the television where a CNN reporter was relaying the news of the 2000th American casualty in Afghanistan.

Both Rock and Penn are visibly stunned, and bow their heads in somber thought.

Rock noticed Penn appears to be crying, and then lifted his beer bottle saying, “Hey man, to freedom.”

A crying Penn grabbed his drink and said, “To freedom.” They clink glasses, and drink.

At that point, they both apologized to each other and shook hands before hugging.

The scene then changed to the two of them in Rock’s car heading to a Toyota dealership to buy him a Prius. After the purchase, Rock bolted antlers on the front of the car to personalize it.

The pair then attended a “Save Water” demonstration, and continued their discussion in another bar where Rock gets Penn to stop drinking Cosmopolitans and switch to beer. This is too much for Penn who spat out his first swig.

From there they attended a same-sex wedding on a beautiful California beach. At its conclusion, they opened gifts they’d received. Penn got a PETA T-shirt, Rock a NASCAR one. They decided to exchange them with one another.

As they walked away from the beach, Rock said, “You know what, man? You’re still a freaking commie.”

“And you still think you can see Russia from your house,” replied Penn.

“If it wasn’t for Ronnie, you’d be standing in Russia,” Rock countered.

“You know what they say?” responded Penn as he patted Rock on the back. “It’s one thing to have an actor in the White House, quite another a bad actor.”

From there, a title came on the screen reading, “Don’t Let Politics Divide Us.”

As the guys drove bicycles away from the beach, the titles continued, “Thinking Differently…Is What Made This Country Great.”

“Americans, F—k Yeah.”


Quite an effective and timely ad despite the vulgarity.

Bravo, gentlemen! Bravo!

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