Ann Coulter on Media's Breitbart Smear: 'Even in Death He Shows Liberals in Their True Colors'

As NewsBusters has been reporting, the liberal media have been less than gracious following the surpising death of conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart.

On Fox News's Hannity Friday, conservative author Ann Coulter said it best. "Even in death he shows liberals in their true colors" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: But, you know, the difference is, you know, when Sarah Palin was attacked, I didn't hear any Democrats in Congress asking, you know, for a resolution on the House floor or I don't know that President Obama called Sarah Palin and expressed such outrage over these things.

ANN COULTER: Are we segueing into the birth control activist? I love that story.

HANNITY: The point is, I'm segueing into a double standard that exists and phony outrage by liberals. That's what bothers me here. You know what? If they want to have free speech and say what they say, let conservatives have the same thing.

COULTER: No. You are right about that. Though, I must say, it's like Andrew Breitbart's last trick because he loved ginning up liberals. I mean, he played this jujitsu with them as do I. But he got them to say the most shocking things and that's why most people like me who follow him on Twitter had to turn off the re-tweet function because you would open up your twitter page and it would be full of things that rhyme with mock bucker.

And, you know, I don't need all that vial coming at me on my web page. But he loved it. And here even in death he shows liberals in their true colors.

HANNITY: All right. Thanks Ann Coulter for being with us. We appreciate it


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