MRC's Bozell Congratulates Fox Business, Quotes Liberal Media Kudos

November 11th, 2015 12:48 PM

Matching his post-debate statement, MRC president appeared on the Fox Business show Varney & Co. to express appreciation for the Fox Business debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

BOZELL: You can say on the one hand it was going to be very easy to defeat CNBC, because of the embarrassment that CNBC was. But let’s face it. There was a whole lot of people in the press who would have loved to say that Fox Business blew it last night.

I’m looking at some of the comments. Charlie Rose on CBS said that Fox moderators were "focused on issues and ideology, not on personality.” ABC – George Stephanopoulos said “a lot of substance last night.” My favorite was on NBC, they said “the clear winner last night was Fox Business.”

As he said on Twitter, Bozell expressed that Fox Business accomplished more in the first few minutes than CNBC did in two hours, “or seemingly eight hours.”

Some journalists felt the Fox Business moderators weren't pushy enough. James Poniewozik, a new recruit at The New York Times, complained "True, the moderators did not become the story this time...But they also did not do a tremendous amount of moderating. They asked questions, often good ones begging for specifics, then frequently receded while the eight primary candidates instead delivered parts of their stump speeches or answered the questions they preferred to be asked."