CNN Rips Trump When He's Out Rallying, Now Rips Trump for 'Hiding from Reality'

November 11th, 2020 12:16 PM

On CNN's New Day this morning, co-host John Berman trolled President Trump over the low profile he's maintained since the election. His voice dripping with sarcasm and disdain, Berman repeatedly suggested that the president is "hiding" [see also chyron] out of "embarrassment," or a lack of "conviction" or "energy." He surmised that the president doesn't want to answer questions "about losing an election" or regarding the "BS" lawsuits his team has brought.

Co-host Alisyan Camerota floated an alternative explanation—that the president isn't hiding, but is "plotting" his next moves—Berman would have none of it. He derisively retorted, "oh, he is clearly a brilliant political strategist, planning these intricate moves."


JOHN BERMAN: Also this morning, where’s the president actually been? If he’s so certain about the outcome of the election, why hasn’t he come out and said it in person? Is it embarrassment that has kept him from showing his face since last Thursday? Lack of conviction? 

We’re told that today he will attend a Veterans Day event. Unclear whether he will muster the energy later in the day to answer questions.

. . . 

The other thing that's notable, and I just don't think we can push this aside: where's the president been? . . . It’s been since Thursday that we’ve seen his face. So he’s in some sort of hiding, and —

ALISYN CAMEROTA: -- or plotting. The other option, and he’s conspicuously absent, for sure, for somebody who likes being on television, and has done that every day of his presidency. But is it possible this he’s behind the scenes doing something other than hiding?

BERMAN: Oh, he is clearly a brilliant political strategist, planning these intricate moves. No, I think it’s fair to ask the question about whether he’s so embarrassed, and knows that he will face questions about losing an election, or forced to justify, you know, the bs lawsuits here, and he doesn’t have good answers for. It really is interesting that he lacks the conviction to come out and talk about this publicly—or the energy. He either lacks the conviction or the energy.

CNN "senior Washington correspondent" Joe Johns joined in the Trump-taunting. Check the video clip to hear the scorn in Johns' voice as he refers to Trump as the "outgoing" president.

JOE JOHNS: That's right, John. The outgoing president has been missing in action and we haven’t seen him for the last several days, though he has made clear on social media that he continues to refuse to accept the results of the election....

While President Trump is hiding from reality behind the White House walls and refusing to concede his defeat, President-Elect Joe Biden is moving forward.

The liberal media is reveling in rubbing the president's predicament in his face. Conservatives will remember, when it comes to the Georgia run-offs and other future elections. So enjoy it for now, John & Co.

Note: As a troll, Berman's been on quite the roll. Yesterday, we caught him falsely characterizing Mitch McConnell's innocuous statement on the election results as saying "F no" to Joe Biden's call for unity.

CNN's trolling of President Trump over the low profile he's been keeping since the election was sponsored in part by SafeLite and Lexus.