Wendy Davis Fundraising Email: 'What Rove Said About Wendy,' Doesn't State . . . What Rove Said About Wendy

As a proud Texas Democrat--OK, as a proud conservative blogger living in Texas--I am subscribed to the email list for Wendy Davis' campaign for governor.  I received the campaign's latest missive this morning, from campaign manager Karin Johanson.

The email was entitled "What Karl Rove said about Wendy."  Can't fault the fundraising strategy behind the headline.  Include the name of the left's favorite Texas bogeyman.  Check.  Suggest lurid details designed to lure the reader in.  Check.  There was just one problem: the message never states "what Karl Rove said about Wendy."  It claims that Rove is "attacking her," that he's part of an effort "to drag Wendy through the mud," that Rove "doesn't care" about women's stories. And of course the email asks for $$ to help fight these "attacks."  But when it comes to stating "what Rove said"?  Nada!  View the email and more after the jump.

Davis' campaign has been tagged as unprofessional for the disjointed way it responded to the Dallas News' story on the inaccuracies in the life story that Davis had offered.  This email, which utterly fails to deliver on its headline's promise, suggests the campaign still does not have its act together.