Schultz: Don't Blame Me—I Got Impeachment Conspiracy From Clyburn

Shout out to Ed Schultz, apparently a NewsBusters fan . . .

Last night we noted that Ed was "obsessed" with the nutty notion that Republicans are plotting to impeach Pres. Obama.  Tonight, Ed  repeatedly complained that "blogs" had accused him of being "obsessed" with the idea.  His defense?  He didn't come up with the concept himself.  He got it from . . . Dem congressman Jim Clyburn.

Oy, Ed.  Don't tell us you're buying into theories spun by conspiracy-meister Clyburn? The same fellow who weaved another nutty notion: that Republicans had deviously induced Dem primary voters in South Carolina to nominate the egregiously not-ready-for-prime-time Alvin Greene as their candidate for Senate.  When challenged, Clyburn was of course incapable of adducing the slimmest shred of evidence to prove his Jedi mind-control imaginings.  View video from this evening's Ed Show after the jump.

Enjoy Ed on the defensive.

ED SCHULTZ: Some folks are accusing me of drumming up all this talk about impeachment? Time out folks: a top Democrat in the House is the one making this prediction--I just happen to agree with him on the whole thing . . . The blogs are obsessed with me saying that I'm obsessed with impeachment.  They're wrong.  A top Democrat in the House is the one that predicted: I just go along with it.

Later, Ed returned to the theme in a segment including Republican strategist John Feehery.  Feehery set Schultz straight, flatly denying that Republicans are plotting to impeach the president, pointing out that Clyburn can't know because he hasn't been inside GOP strategy meetings.

SCHULTZ: Let's talk about this talk of impeachment. I'm not making this stuff up. [Cut to clip of Ed's conversation in which Clyburn claims the GOP plans to impeach.] It's that easy, yes.  He believes they're going in that direction.

JOHN FEEHERY: Jim Clyburn has not been as far as I know in any Republican committee meetings.  He doesn't know what the Republicans are going to do.  I can guarantee you, Ed, that they're not going to impeach this president. That's not on their agenda.  Their agenda is to put people back to work, cut taxes and keep the government smaller and smarter. They're not going to impeach the president. That talk is ridiculous.

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