Harry Smith, Religious Scholar

On Tuesday, I posted an item about how Harry Smith worried that Christians who put up Hurricane Katrina evacuees in their homes might force their guests to attend church in order to eat breakfast. It was a silly question in an otherwise non-biased interview with Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life. Well, our favorite religious scholar made another gaffe today which similarly shows his ignorance about the beliefs of his interview subjects.

Smith asked a female parishioner:

When I stood here a week ago Tuesday, I said, think of all the weddings that happened here, all the babies that were baptized, so much of the life of this community is inside that building. What are your feelings as you stand here in front of the building now?

The church she attends, however, is the First Baptist Church of Gulfport, Mississippi, a member church in the Southern Baptist Convention, a Christian denomination which doesn't practice infant baptism.

Hurricane Katrina Humor

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