CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tries to 'Make News'

Yesterday CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tried to get Bill Clinton to answer whether or not entering Iraq was a “mistake.”

BLITZER: So I assume that the answer is, yes, the war was a mistake. Is that your answer?

CLINTON: You're trying to get me to make news, and I'm trying to educate people. It doesn't matter whether it was a mistake to go in or not at the time. I thought we should have let the U.N. inspectors finish. We are where we are. We can't undo what has happened. 58 percent of Iraqis voted in the last election. That's more than we had turn out in 2004...(transcript)

Blitzer responded, “That's my job. I'm a newsman. That's what I try to do, is make news. And you try to avoid news. That's your job.”

When Blitzer says it’s his job to “make news,” he finally admits what everyone has known for a long time. The “news” is always what enough reporters say it is.
The Situation Room

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