Blitzer Viciously Maims GOP Congressman Over Memo; It’s Your Fault ‘Putin Has Succeeded’

February 2nd, 2018 3:43 PM

In a sign of just how upset the liberal media are about Friday’s release of the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer decided to become Jim Acosta by viciously interrupting and attacking Congressman Chris Stewart (Utah) and his fellow Republicans. 

Among other things in a marathon interview and afterward, Blitzer blasted Stewart and his colleagues for having solely “blown apart” the Intelligence Committee with this “political” “smear” document against the FBI and surmised that Republicans are why Vladimir Putin has succeeded in dividing the country. How despicable. 



Blitzer was hostile from the start, berating Stewart for not releasing “the Democratic minority report” simultaneously and falsely claiming that Republicans have tried to ban the report from seeing the light of day. In reality, that version was done later than the Republican one and thus is further behind in the process. That didn’t seem to matter to Blitzer, of course.

When Stewart called out Blitzer for not discussing with him “the contents of this memo,” Blitzer fired back to dismiss the contents “[b]ecause the contents of the memo, Congressman, the contents of the memo are being seen as political.”

“This is seen by the American —at least a big chunk of the American public, Congressman, as being a politicized moment in American history which you could have avoided by simply releasing both memos at the same time which has always been the case,” he added.

After further bickering, Blitzer took one of many cheap shots , painting Stewart and his colleagues as solely responsible for this chaos: 

Congressman, I know you're an honorable — honorable member of the House Intelligence Committee, and I'm sure you must be very upset that your committee has now been blown apart going back many, many decades. I've never seen the House Intelligence Committee so partisan as it has become over these past several months.



Former Republican Congressman Mike Rogers (Mich.) joined in, so Stewart finally had enough and lashed out at CNN and friends for insinuating that he’s “a traitor” and “care more about the President Trump than I do about my country.”

Blitzer and his CNN colleagues ghoulishly did nothing to refute these claims, instead continuing to mouth off at Stewart for not allowing to release “what the Democratic side of the story is.”

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A few minutes after former Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harmon (Calif.) trashed Stewart and House Republicans for demoralizing covert intelligence officials, Blitzer vilified Republicans for being the reason that Putin has succeeded in ripping America apart: “So, Putin has succeeded because that's what's happening right now. The whole nature of the support for the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, the fighting that's going on here in Washington, he's sitting back and he's smiling, saying, guys, good work. We succeeded.”



Once Stewart was gone, Blitzer again left any sense of objectivity at the door by trashing the memo as “a real smear on the FBI and the Justice Department, the smear in this memo that they would like to rebut,” but are barred from doing so.

Speaking to his panel near the top of 2:00 p.m. Eastern hour, Blitzer let loose: “This is exploding right now. This is precisely what, as I mentioned earlier, Putin and the Russians wanted to see happen. The disunity, the anger that's going on, the blaming of the FBI, the blaming of the law enforcement community, intelligence community going after the foreign intelligence surveillance court. Even Chris Stewart, the Republican Congressman, he said Putin probably should give a medal to the guys who orchestrated this meddling in the U.S. presidential election.” 

So, just a parting thought here. Are we sure that Blitzer on Friday wasn’t actually Jim Acosta dressed up as the longtime CNN anchor?