Paul Weyrich, Rest In Peace

Paul Weyrich was a foundational pillar of the modern conservative movement. He was a leader, a patriot and a friend, with an unwavering conscience that held fast to traditional values in good times and bad. Even as Republican leaders vacillated on issues like taxes, abortion and government spending, Paul never wavered, and when he admonished those leaders – even presidents among them – he spoke for legions of conservatives across America.

He was a man of principle who not only stood firmly on the ground of conservatism, but who took giant strides to advance and spread these values in the public square and in the hearts of countless Americans. The fruits of Paul’s labor will continue to flourish, and the words of his namesake – St. Paul of Tarsus – were never more true: Paul Weyrich fought the good fight, he finished the course, and he always kept the faith.

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