WATCH: Free Speech Podcaster Warns of ‘Collective Effort’ to Censor, Demonetize Conservatives

February 2nd, 2024 1:21 PM

Blaze Media podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey went after a disturbing World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to isolate and choke out purveyors of so-called misinformation.

Stuckey discussed the dire threat of leftists weaponizing public-private partnerships to silence and impoverish conservatives with Justin Haskins, director of the Socialism Research Center at The Heartland Institute, on the Jan. 25 edition of her podcast Relatable. Stuckey referenced comments by Jeanne Bourgault— the president and CEO of Internews, an anti-disinformation international non-profit—who embraced “lists and guides for advertisers” to dictate which organizations advertisers should spend money with and which were purveyors of so-called disinformation. 

“This is a concerted effort,” Stuckey alerted. “There are already companies that do this. There are left-wing companies that try to target advertisers of shows like this one, advertisers and try to scare them into pulling their advertiser dollars away from a show.” 

Stuckey warned of a coming “international collective effort to ensure that shows like mine, conservative shows don’t have any advertisers and therefore, just can’t afford to be produced.” She added, “That is a strategy that they are going to employ or want to employ just to make sure there are no dissenting voices, and that’s pretty scary.”

Haskins agreed, saying “This is what the ‘Great Reset’ is all about. It is about using money through the private sector—financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, things like that—to starve all of the people who are enemies of the elites of capital, right? So if you can’t get access to capital, you can’t get access to banking services, you can’t get access to insurance, then you can’t function.”

Haskins highlighted that proponents of censorship wouldn’t need governments or laws to do their bidding and silence conservatives, if they simply made it impossible for conservatives to run a business.

Haskins warned Stuckey and her audience about proposed rules in the European Union that could have an international impact and push extreme ESG requirements even further in the United States, a “mandatory European social credit-scoring system.”

Haskins said, “The whole point of this thing is to impose social credit scores on not just corporations in the European Union, but any corporation that does business above a certain threshold in the European Union.” 

Haskins went on to point out the harrowing truth that this would include not only major American companies but also the companies in the supply chains of major American companies. “Those companies that are forced to report under this mandatory ESG guideline, they are responsible for making sure that all the companies they do business with are also adhering to these rules that are being created in the European Union.” 

Haskins hypothesized that large American companies like Ford could be subjected to the EU’s “mandatory ESG social credit scoring system.” Stuckey elaborated that this would ultimately lead to “racial quotas” and measures to eliminate gas-powered cars in favor of electric vehicles. 

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