Chris Matthews Fawns Over 'Feel Good' Biden-Obama Bromance: Voters 'Want' That 'Again'

Was Chris Matthews about to get another “thrill" up his leg? During an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Tuesday, the MSNBC host got sentimental, dreamily reminiscing about Joe Biden’s time in the White House and his bromance with President Obama.

The two liberal television hosts began by attacking Trump for launching his re-election campaign. Matthews surprisingly admitted he thought it would be a close race and to not trust poll numbers because with Trump there was an “embarrassment” factor:

His polls have never been good. People don’t like saying they like him. They’re embarrassed. And it’s more embarrassing now because of the racism and terrible stuff he says. No body wants to say, ‘Yeah, I’m with that.’ So I’m very skeptical. I’m worried, I think it will be a real close one.

Moving on to talk about the Democrats running, Matthews praised them all individually as all good options, but he raved over Joe Biden: 

He's like the most normal guy. Like Amtrak, anybody who takes the Acela [train] here on the east coast knows everybody who works that train knows him personally. You go up to the woman who sells the coffee and she says, "Oh yeah, he's always getting his picture taken with my mother." That's Biden. He's very likable.

Colbert wondered if Biden was ahead in polls because Americans missed Obama. The anti-Trump host also slammed President Trump as the villain from the Avengers movie series who killed half the Earth’s population.

That was Matthews’ cue to dreamily ramble about the former president and vice-president’s relationship as something voters “feel good about” and miss:

COLBERT It's nostalgia, too, right? Let’s just go back four years to the way things were before you know, Orange Thanos showed up.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: But you know, he was sort of Ed McMahon to Barack Obama for eight years. He was a regular guy. He put the "O" in Obama. He was like the Irish guy hanging around with the African American president, and they worked together as a team, and I think everybody, American American and white voters are all remember that very nice relationship. They feel good about it. And I think they want something like that again. They feel good about it.

Later, he pushed for Biden again, asserting that he had an advantage over progressives running as the only "moderate" with a real chance of winning:

"There are sort of two lanes, the moderates and Progressives. Sort of like the T.S.A. Line. You look for the short line...The Biden line is really short. It's just him," he gushed.


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