Sarah Palin Says Critics Of Her WaPo Op-ed 'Got All Wee-Weed Up'

Showing the sense of humor millions of Americans fell in love with last year, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Thursday that critics of her previous day's op-ed in the Washington Post "kind of got all wee-weed up about it and wanted to call me and others deniers."

Palin, chatting with conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, was obviously poking fun at something President Obama said over the summer: "There's something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up."

According to Palin, who might have been referring to derogatory comments from folks like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, and Keith Olbermann, such was the reaction to her published views on global warming and the United Nations climate change conference currently taking place in Copenhagen (YouTube audio embedded below the fold courtesy our friend Story Balloon, partial transcript):

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Would you agree to a debate with Al Gore on this issue?

SARAH PALIN: Oh my goodness. You know, it depends on what the venue would be, what the forum, because Laura, as you know, if it would be some kind of conventional, traditional debate, with his friends setting it up or being the commentators, I'll get clobbered, because they don't want to listen to the facts. They don't want to listen to some reasonable voices in this. And that was proven with the publication of this op-ed where they kind of got all wee-weed up about it and wanted to call me and others deniers of changing weather, weather patterns, and climate conditions, trying to, you know, make the issue into something that it is not.

INGRAHAM: Well, what if it's an Oxford style proper debate format? I mean, he's going to chicken out. I mean, if you challenge him to a debate, do you actually think he would accept it?

PALIN: I don't know. I don't know. Oh, he wouldn't want to lower himself I think to, you know, my level to debate little old Sarah Palin from Wasilla.

Actually, Governor, Gore refuses to debate anybody on this issue regardless of where they're from. 

So don't feel bad.

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