Déjà Vu All Over Again: NBC Promotes World Celebration of Obama's Re-Election

With President Obama's election win, the worldwide celebrations have commenced again. NBC's Today show documented as much as they possibly could on Wednesday morning.

Reporting from London, foreign correspondent Michelle Kosinski was tasked with narrating the story of how the election has been perceived and reported overseas. Eerily similar to four long years ago, jubilant residents from other sovereign nations were shown in a high spirits after a second term was guaranteed to Obama. [ video below, MP3 audio here ]

According to Kosinski, the vast majority of the planet was pulling for the incumbent to win. As if he's still seen as some kind of savior:

Some analysts estimated if the world outside the U.S. had a vote it might go anywhere from 75 to 90 percent for Obama. Many seeing the American president as a force for peace as well as growth.

Israel may have been a little upset with the outcome, but "all (other) walks of life" apparently couldn't be happier. British interviewees spoke of how inexorably linked we are, and one anonymous woman even expressed her concern with Romney's views on certain social issues, policies that would never affect her in the least anyway.

A Japanese town has renamed itself 'Obama', Peruvian villagers performed elaborate dances, and Kenyan newborns are being named after members of the First Family. All of which is just another opportunity for the media to reintroduce the president as a "citizen of a world" once again.