Hugh Hefner Weighs in on Sarah Palin

How could political analysis of the 2008 election be complete without the input of the bathrobe-wearing Hugh Hefner? For those who couldn't care less what Hefner thinks about politics, a video of Playmate Kendra answering a really controversial question is presented at the bottom of this story. But first, here is the Hef answering a few questions about Sarah Palin beginning with, "As an advocate of teen abstinence, is Sarah Palin a hypocrite because of her daughter's pregnancy? Is she fit to be VP?"

I wouldn't call her a hypocrite. I think, uhh, she's not the one who got pregnant. Her daughter is her own person. I just think that, uhh, Sarah and a lot of other people misguided in terms of some very serious issues. Uhh, I don't think she is in any manner, shape, or form suited to be the vice president of the United States. And particularly not suited to be the vice president of a president who is in his 70s. And, you know, a heartbeat away from the presidency. She's clearly not qualified.

And Barack Obama, with his thin resume, is qualified to be president? The next question put to Hef is almost inevitable: "Is it true you want Sarah Palin to pose for Playboy?"

Press and media are continually, you know, in the middle of other interview questions saying, "Would you like so-and-so to pose?" And what's the answer to that? If it's a celebrity of any kind the answer is, "No, I wouldn't want Sarah Palin." Of course! And then that winds up being thought of as actual news. And of course that's not news at all. Silly stuff.

I think we could pass on Hugh Hefner's political opinions but one question I would have liked to have seen asked is why do the Playboy Playmates in recent years look so artificial since most of them appear to be like department store mannequins with interchangeable bodies? Now that is a question more in line with Hef's expertise, not inquiries about politics.

Oh, and now that promised video of Playmate Kendra answering a really tough question.

H/T: Hot Air

P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick
P.J. Gladnick is a freelance writer and creator of the DUmmie FUnnies blog.