CNN Picks Up McCain ‘Plagiarism’ Story From HuffPost, Daily Kos - Media Research CenterCNN’s Veronica De La Cruz pulled her scoop on Thursday’s "American Morning" straight out of the left-wing blogosphere. The network’s Internet correspondent cited both the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos in her short segment on the brand-new changes on John McCain’s presidential campaign website.

De La Cruz first zeroed in on McCain’s new slogan. " His new slogan reads ‘a leader we can believe in,' 'a leader we can believe in.' If it sounds somewhat familiar, you probably know that Barack Obama always used the slogan 'change you can believe in.’" She then used an image from the Huffington Post to make her next point. "And if you take a look at this image, we are looking at this. This is found on You see that, when you put the two Web sites up next to each other. There's one on top, you see Barack is up there, McCain's new logo also looks similar to Barack Obama's as well." - Media Research CenterThe CNN correspondent then continued on the subject of the new logo/color scheme on the McCain website, using a Daily Kos blogger’s commentary. "A blogger from Daily Kos takes a closer look at these things, ‘the sunrise, the white stripes, I don't know if this is purposely plagiarized, but if I were the McCain campaign, I'd get some good copyright lawyers. Even his forward-looking stare matches that of Obama.’"

After De La Cruz gave a brief description of some changes on the Obama website, she quipped, "you know what they say: imitation is what?" "American Morning" co-host John Roberts gave a snarky reply: "Well, plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery."

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