CNN’s Senior Political Correspondent’s Whopper on Homosexuality

Candy Crowley, CNN’s senior political correspondent and an award winner for "excellence in journalism," might want to do a little more research on what science really says about the cause of homosexuality. In a report on the Logo/Human Right Campaign presidential candidates’ forum on "gay rights," Crowley claimed that "science has long-held that homosexuality is biological."

Come again? That claim would come to a surprise to even the homosexual-friendly American Psychological Association, whose web page on homosexuality states that "there are probably many reasons for a person's sexual orientation and the reasons may be different for different people."

Crowley’s report, which came during the bottom half of the 4 pm hour of Friday’s "The Situation Room," paid particularly attention to a gaffe made by New Mexico governor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson. When asked by lesbian activist Melissa Etheridge, "Do you think homosexuality is a choice, or is it biological?," Richardson answered, "It’s a choice." Etheridge gave Richardson a chance to clarify, but as Crowley put it, "wrong group for that [kind of answer]." She immediately followed this analysis with the obligatory gay-Left talking point. Her full statement: "Wrong group for that, and science has long-held that homosexuality is biological."

While there have been studies that have cited biological factors that may contribute to homosexuality, the debate is far from over concerning what causes this sexual orientation, and it boils down to a nature versus nurture, or a born-that-way versus conscious choice argument. It seems that while Crowley was reporting on Richardson’s "gaffe," she may have made one of her own.

Matthew Balan
Matthew Balan
Matthew Balan was a news analyst at Media Research Center