Schultz Shills For Government Motors

This was inevitable.  When the Obama administration effectively took over General Motors, Obama-friendly media hacks were going to tout the company's products . . .

And so it was that on his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz offered up an unpaid infomercial for GM's new Camaro.  Most grotesque was Schultz's boast that the Camaro was outselling the Ford Mustang. Take that, private-sector company that declined to take Obama's dime!

View video here.

ED SCHULTZ: How about General Motors? They got a winner. The new Chevrolet Camaro, muscle car.  Folks, this is the hottest new vehicle on dealer lots. Buyers were putting down deposits on the Camaro before the first one was built back in March.  It's outselling the Ford Mustang.

Schultz's guest was GM CFO Ray Young.  Schultz schmoozed the buttoned-down exec, asking if he expected the Camaro "to be this hot." He also let Young run down a list of other GM products in the offing, all of which, Young assured us, "are going to be exceptional winners."

Yup. If the Ed Schultzes of the world have anything to do with it.

So come on down to Easy Ed's Government Motors lot.  BS walks, billions of taxpayers' dollars talk.

PS: note how Schultz inserts his first name, Ed, into the "Revved Up" graphic.  This is Schultz taking sides, personally promoting GM over its private-sector competitors.  Welcome to the brave new post-capitalist Obama world, where the government picks winners and losers and the Ed Schultzes do their duty.

Bonus Coverage: GM Emerges From 'Brankruptcy'

We might have a new entry for NewsBuster Jack Coleman's list of Schultz's Trail of Error.  On the show tonight, Schultz proclaimed that GM had emerged from "brankruptcy."

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