He's Back: Mullah Mouse Returns to Palestinian TV

Little Green Footballs has more on the infamous "Mullah Mouse" TV program geared towards Palestinian children and running on Hamas TV.

The Islamic supremacist character was back on the air Friday as LGF's Charles Johnson notes:

The monstrous clone of Mickey Mouse used by Hamas to teach children violence, hatred, and Islamic supremacism was back on the air yesterday. Hamas issued a statement with the usual toxic mix of whining victimhood and murderous threats; MEMRI TV captured and translated the latest episode of this nightmarish Islamic children’s show.

And the media, meanwhile, continue to make excuses and cover for this depravity, in story after story that claims the evil mouse is doing nothing more than teaching “resistance against Israel.” It’s more disgusting than the show itself.

Update 17:27 | Matthew Sheffield. As Charles notes here, Friday's show featured Farfur cheating on his homework in school because "the Jews destroyed our home." Here's the clip:



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Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
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