The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: April 7 to 13

They Must be Guilty of SOMETHING

According to ABC’s Terry Moran, the Duke lacrosse players may have been falsely accused of committing rape, but that doesn’t mean we should feel too sorry for them. As the MRC’s Ken Shepherd noted, “Leave it to a liberal journalist to bring racial tension and class warfare into a story about three men exonerated of rape allegations after a year of prosecutorial misconduct.”


“Here at GMA, We Don’t Understand Irony”

On the same day that "Good Morning America" weatherman Sam Champion reported on the April snowstorms hitting parts of the East Coast, ABC promoted a new special promoting liberal environmental advocacy. This shouldn't be a suprise since GMA kicked off the week by promoting Laurie David's global warming tour.

The 40 Percent Majority 

The Democratic Congress has an approval rating of 40 percent. That means, according to CNN, that the Dems are “riding pretty high.” Of course, 57 percent of the country disapproves the job they’re doing, but who’s counting?

“If You Don’t Like Those, I’ve Got Other Crazy Metaphors”

According to Rosie O’Donnell, the firing of Don Imus means that the “thought police” are coming and we could all be shipped off to Guantanamo Bay.  Could one have a better character witness? Perhaps O'Donnell's defense of Imus has more to do with her own over-the-top comments then it does to do with defending the fired radio star.

Newsweek logic

Speaking of the Imus affair, only Newsweek reporter Jonathan Alter could see the coverage of the scandal as a “thirst” for honesty from the American public, honesty that they’re not getting from President Bush.

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