FNC’s Colmes Claims ‘Very Similar Reaction’ from Christians to Muslims Burning Bible as Muslims to Koran-Burning

On Saturday’s Fox News Watch, after host Jon Scott displayed a political cartoon that depicted the aggressive overreaction of many Muslims to Pastor Terry Jones’s threat to burn a Koran on September 11, liberal FNC analyst Alan Colmes suggested that a "very similar reaction" from Christians would result if a Muslim announced the intent to burn a Bible. Despite the reported riots and death in places like Kabul, Afghanistan, Colmes initically doubted that there had been calls for "Death to America" as a result of the Koran-burning controversy.

Scott showed a cartoon from tobytoons.com which ended with a Muslim man shouting "Death to America," and turned to Colmes, asking, "Do they have a point?" The exchange continued:

ALAN COLMES: I don’t know that people are calling for death to America, but, again, isn’t it true that when-

JON SCOTT: In the Islamic world, sure they are.

COLMES -General Petraeus speaks out and says it’s going to endanger our troops, that’s really what the key issue is. If we were to burn the Bible, if we were to actually have a bunch of Muslims or one Muslim somewhere doing a Bible burning, I bet you would have a very similar reaction from Christians who would be equally offended. And who knows what kind of death threats might come to that Muslim?

Brad Wilmouth
Brad Wilmouth is a contributing blogger to NewsBusters