New Al Gore Book: 'The Assault on Reason'

If you thought Al Gore would somehow go away after the 24/7 promotion of his lecture film "An Inconvenient Truth," you couldn't be more wrong. The failed presidential candidate is continuing to build his media empire with a follow-up book entitled "The Assault on Reason." He's going to use its commercial appeal to decide whether he should run for president or not, at least according to the Washington Post:

Although saying he has no plans to run for president in 2008, former
vice president Al Gore has nonetheless left the door ever so slightly
ajar. It's a good bet that door will swing open a good bit wider come
next May.

That is when Gore is scheduled to publish his next
book. With no fanfare, he signed a few weeks ago with Penguin Press to
write "The Assault on Reason."

As described by editor Scott Moyers [any relation to Bill?], the book is a meditation on how
"the public arena has grown more hostile to reason," and how solving
problems such as global warming is impeded by a political culture with
a pervasive "unwillingness to let facts drive decisions."

that may sound abstract, both the subject matter and the timing of the
release have an unmistakable subtext. In 2004, Gore cheered liberals
when he lashed at President Bush for allegedly falling captive to
right-wing special interests and taking flight from "fact-based
analysis." If the book strikes a chord, it will produce new momentum
for Gore to make another bid for the White House, presumably fueled in
large part by anti-Iraq-war Democrats.

"Wow. Let's just sit here a moment and let the irony linger in the air, shall we?" Pat Cleary asks.

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