Left Mourns Air America's Bankruptcy Declaration

They have already put on their black mourning cloth over the imminent demise of Air America. The declaration of bankruptcy by that failing liberal radio network is expected to take place this Friday. As a result the Leftwingers are now in a state of mourning over their loss as you can see at the Democratic Underground and the Huffington Post. So break out your hankies and take a look at these expressions of grief (and unreality) from the leftwing mourners:

Randi is a little strong for my tastes, but I only hear her when I am running errands in the evening. And I wonder what will happen to Franken. He's gotta be the highest $$ talent that they have on the network. What are his ratings like??

Maybe they should do an IPO....

What Air America tried to do was admirable, but they never had enough funding..

Man, this sucks. Progressives can't get a break in Amerikkka today. All right-wing rhetoric all the time on cable and even the public airwaves, TV and radio. Newspapers aren't much better overall. At least we still have the Internet--for now. Hillary was right--it is a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Sad but this is why liberals have a disadvantage against conservatives. Libs are a diverse, independent and free thinking assortment of individuals while conservatives are loyal group-thinkers who are quick to support the dividers and deciders.

Al Franken, we love ya but your show is dry and slow.

You can see many more examples of this leftwing mourning for Air America at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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