Trolls, Censorship and Leftist Insanity

Since today's open thread dealt heavily with the topic of censorship and trolling as several new or dormant liberal commenters began posting complaints, I think it's worth saying a little bit officially about the subject to give a little background to everyone.

Any conservative site is going to be the target
of juvenile liberals who not being able to abide by the rules of logic
and decorum, make it their goal to leave inane remarks that they can't

For quite some time, we've had our eye on a particular
group run by the banned NB user Hater who has become quite obsessed as
you can see reading this thread he posted at a Howard Stern fan site after he was banned for the second time. It's a must-read look into the mind of the deranged left. The insanity and sheer hatred expressed by Hater and his little friends is both hilarious and disturbing.

If you've been wondering whether things have been too heavy-handed here with the moderation, read the Stern Fan Network thread. We welcome intelligent liberal debate. Unlike almost all political sites, we do not ban posters simply for being of the opposite ideology.

Mud-throwing leftist children will not be tolerated, though, since they reflect badly on their own ideology and waste everyone's time, especially their own.

UPDATE 20:41. Looks like Hater must be trying to imitate this guy.

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