CBS's Schieffer: Global Warming Shut Down Our Remote Truck

On yesterday's "Evening News," CBS reporter Bob Orr's story on a global warming link to the heat wave was cut short due to an overheated satellite truck.

“Just to underline how hot it is, the remote truck that Bob
Orr was broadcasting from just overheated and we had to shut it down,” anchor
Bob Schieffer explained as the story ended abruptly.

Were I a conspiracy theorist I'd think it was just a gimmick to highlight CBS's slanted coverage of global warming as settled science. While Orr possibly could have included a dissenting view somewhere later in his half-aired report, I somehow doubt it.

Before his report cut off, Orr cited Pew Center climatologist Jay Gulledge, who he said argues there "no longer any serious debate" on global warming.Gulledge also argues that it was pollution that staved off global warming in the 1970s.

Funny thing is, back in the 1970s the media was trumpeting scientists who worried about global cooling.

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