Sharpton, Baldwin So Bad on MSNBC, Even Randi Rhodes Holds Her Nose

Could it be, just maybe, that there's hope for Randi Rhodes yet?

Rhodes finds herself high on the list of prominent left-wing radio hosts (mainly because it's a very short list), but her rants as often documented here make it difficult to take her seriously. (Audio after the jump)

But every once in an extended while, she has her moments, such as this one in which she slammed two of the more annoying denizens of MSNBC (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, --

I will say, you know, as far as MSNBC goes, tonight is another edition of Alec Baldwin's show, OK? 'Cause I'm being fair here. (chuckles) I'm trying to be fair here. I mean, what is that? This would be, I mean, I've given it to two weeks, I have, I've tried. It's just, you know, what is that? You take, like, the funniest person on the planet and you put him in a liberal elite media environment and now you want to wear, like, a shroud to mourn the death of MSNBC! Listen, and I'll just be honest with you, OK? I'm not a fan of the Al Sharpton show. I think it looks like, it sounds like a "Saturday Night Live" parody. I'm sorry, I said it, there it is, OK?

Not to quibble with Rhodes' larger point about the tragi-comedy that is Baldwin and Sharpton on MSNBC, but Sharpton really doesn't come across like someone who's a natural fit for "Saturday Night Live" -- seeing how he's a person of color.

As far as Baldwin's show is concerned, it looks like Rhodes is not the only left-winger turning away in disgust -- the show's ratings have plunged more than 40 percent since it first aired Oct. 11.

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