More Movie Reviewers Plug Global Warming In 'Ice Age 2' Reviews

In my latest article up at, I take a look at some movie reviews which praise Ice Age 2: The Meltdown for raising the concept of global warming to kids. You can find it here.

My colleague Geoff Dickens recorded Gene Shalit's similar take on NBC's Today show.

Doing some research for the story, I also found some far-left Canadian review which thought that the new cartoon feature was too conservative. For your amusement:

What could have been an interesting opportunity to educate kiddies about the sorry state of our planet and the dire need for all of us to preserve it is instead, incredibly, a fatalistic reaffirmation that, somehow, God will prevail.


Moral of the story: The Kyoto Protocol is just an attempt by bleeding heart ecological terrorists to stop the progress of big business; global warming is a hoax; extinction is in the mind of the beholder; and, kids, babies come when the stork drops you in the midst of this mess.

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