WINS Radio Ignores Own Viral Video of Newark Woman Slamming Cory Booker

Imagine a radio station that does an interview and a video of it goes viral on the Web. Of course, you would expect such a station to feature that video on its website, probably its front page. Well, radio station 1010 WINS in New York City had such a video but instead of featuring it, they completely ignored it despite the fact that the video was highlighted on such websites as the Drudge Report, the Daily Caller, and many others. As of this writing you won't find that video, which was originally posted on YouTube by tvnewsnj anywhere on the WINS website.

The interview with the woman, Donna Jackson, of the Newark Non-Violence Coalition is a damning indictment of the level of violence in Newark, Mayor Cory Booker who was accused of being MIA while campaigning for senator, and of the news media whom Jackson accused of suppressing any bad news about Booker. The only way one even knows that WINS conducted this interview is the microphone which identifies it as 1010 WINS. Read the highlights of the dramatic interview and you will understand why this video went viral all over the Web with the notable exception of the WINS website:

"...The crises for us right now is that everybody is so worried about Booker that you have forgotten about and we have forgotten about and we are forgotten, the people of the city of Newark, we are hurting here, this crime is killing us, the blood runs on our streets. We had a 21, 22 year old young lady stabbed to death the day before yesterday. The mayor hasn't even reached out to that family..."

Ms Jackson also criticizes the news media for covering up the Newark crime problem:

"...It is so atrocious what is going on in this city of Newark. And unfortunately you guys are going to have to come out into the community and meet with us. Because unfortunately what has been asked of you is for you guys to cover up what has been going on in this city and you have done it well. So let this man be a national figure while the people of Newark did off slowly..."

She also claimed that Booker has used his influence to kill unfavorable stories about Newark in the news:

"...He calls your producers, 'Oh don't cover the story,' ...We've had reporters that come in here to report the real stuff that is going on and they are barred from coming in here and reporting things. So maybe today might be your last day. Really nice meeting you guys. But that is how unfortunately his corporate...his Hollywood fans have caused us great distress..."

One has to wonder if Booker called the producers of WINS radio to keep this video off their website. In any case, it is very interesting that their own video goes viral on the Web yet remains mysteriously absent from the WINS website.

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