What a Joke: Politico Tries to Run Interference For Obama's Last-Minute Morsi Switcheroo

Apparently, one pathetic last-minute speech by Eqypt's Mohammed Morsi was sufficient to convince President Barack Obama, who has spent several days and untold amounts of worldwide capital defending the Muslim Brotherhood leader's staying on the job in the face of what may have been the largest pro-democracy demonstrations in human history.

The Politico frantically tried to run interference for Obama opportunistic change of heart today, running an item which was apparently called "U.S. Eases Away from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi." The item was up so briefly that it was quickly replaced, while the headline just mentioned still remains in the browser window's title bar:


How pathetic.

According to the carriage of the "eases away" story at inagist.com, the opening paragraph was as follows:


18:10:46 GMT converts to 2:10 p.m. EDT.

Sorry, Josh Gerstein at Politico (whose time stamp, strangely enough, reads 2:04 p.m. EDT, meaning that revisions appear to have been made without changing the time stamp, and with no indications that there were any updates). You're not going to rewrite history on this one.

The Obama administration stuck with Morsi and tried to prop him up until it was obvious that no amount of "American" (i.e. Obama administration, not the American people) support would save him. In other words, the administration only changed its tune from supporting the Muslim Brotherhood dictator to the pro-democracy forces when the outcome was obvious.

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