Republicans Afraid of Appearing on Sunday Shows With Me, Brays Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz seems chagrined that he rarely appears on the Sunday talk shows. Naturally, Republicans are to blame, at least as far as Schultz is concerned.

But buried inside this rant on his radio show Friday is what is likely the actual reason you seldom see Schultz on Sunday mornings. (audio clip after page break)

Here's Schultz responding to a caller saying she wants to see him among the weekend talking heads (audio) --

SCHULTZ: And you think I should be on the Sunday shows?

CALLER: Absolutely.  You put the truth out there and you're not afraid to say it.

SCHULTZ: Virginia, they couldn't, they, first of all, Virginia, here's what the Sunday shows try to do, and I'm telling you the truth here. Sunday shows, and all of 'em, I'm not picking on anybody, I'm just saying all of 'em, they try to get, you know, a Republican and a Democrat or a pundit to the left, pundit to the right, a strategist to the right, a strategist to the left. I think, basically, they try to balance it out and try to get some different views and conversation. And part of that mix is getting a Republican lawmaker. There isn't one Republican lawmaker that would ever go face to face with Ed Schultz.

CALLER (laughs): You got that right!

SCHULTZ: They wouldn't do it! (crosstalk) They, they, they would not do it. First of all, the host, whichever, pick your host on a Sunday, would be afraid that I would absolutely, you know, go berserk on him. But I wouldn't! I understand the arena, I understand the arena, and I understand the demeanor and the professionalism, but I would be burning inside. There isn't a Republican that could match me in the Senate or in the House when it comes to debating the issues about the American people and where this country is and where it needs to go and where the people want it to go. They, they wouldn't, I would embarrass Marco Rubio. He doesn't have the guts to go face to face with me!

Give the man credit for a glimmer of truth in this screed -- Sunday show hosts are fearful, Schultz admits, that he'd "go berserk" on their programs. Not that he actually would, Schultz reassures. But gee, why would they be worried?

Update: another possible explanation for Schultz getting the cold shoulder from Sunday show bookers, as suggested by conservative radio host Steve Malzberg of Newsmax and XM 166 -- Schultz abruptly walking out of a broadcast of "Fox & Friends" in October 2008 after tangling with Malzberg.

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