Piers Morgan Remains Oblivious to His Own Fuzzy Logic on Assault Weapon Ban

On Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, host Morgan failed to grasp the logical contradiction in his eagerness to ban supposed "assault weapons" that have been used in recent mass shootings, while he does not voice support for a similar ban on handguns which are utilized much more often by criminals.

As guest Ed Shapiro of Breitbart.com pressed the CNN host on his fuzzy logic, presumably trying to expose the truth that Morgan's assault weapon ban argument could also be used to try to ban other guns, the CNN host remained fixated on banning the "weapon of choice" of recent mass killers, as if these killers could not simply use a different type of gun if their chosen weapons were unavailable. Shapiro set up the argument:

Well, this is a question I've wanted to ask you because I've seen you talk about assault weapons... The vast majority of murders that are committed in this country using guns are not committed with assault weapons, they're committed with handguns, so are you wiling to  ban handguns in this country?

After recounting the weapons employed in several recent mass shootings, Morgan lectured:

So the last four mass shootings in America were all assault rifles. That is the reason, Mr. Shapiro. And you can smirk at me and you can laugh at me, and you can accuse me of standing on the graves of dead children, but that is the reason that people like me and Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords want to see assault weapons like that removed from civilian hands. And that is the point.

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