Tucker Carlson Discusses Liberal Hypocrisy with Peter Schweizer

For those who missed it, on MSNBC’s “The Situation” last night, host Tucker Carlson interviewed author Peter Schweizer, whose new book “Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy,” has raised a lot of eyebrows. Some of the highlights (video link to follow): 

  • Environmentalist Barbra Streisand spends $22,000 per year watering her lawn and gardens while she lectures Americans that they need to cut back on their consumption of such things as gasoline by getting rid of their SUVs
  • Anti-Wall Streeter Michael Moore, who has claimed on many occasions to not own any stock because Wall Street money is dirty money, actually owns tens of thousands of shares in many different companies, and has even owned stock in off-shore oil companies…even Halliburton
  • Michael Moore and Al Franken, who regularly chastise Republicans for being racist and not hiring enough African-Americans, actually have hired very few African-Americans to work for them
  • Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass), who has fought all of his life for higher taxes, in particular estate taxes, has done a fabulous job of avoiding them. In fact, the Kennedy family has been able to transfer between $300 million and $500 million from generation to generation while only paying $134,000 in taxes, or less than 1 percent

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