ABC's Gibson Highlights Further Diminishing Violence in Iraq

On the Monday, December 22 World News, ABC host Charles Gibson took a moment to relay the latest milestone in good news from Iraq regarding how much violence has diminished in the country. Gibson: "From Iraq today, good news. Military authorities say violence is way down. A year ago, there were an average of 180 attacks a day. Last week, it was just 10. And the murder rate in Iraq last month was below pre-war levels for the first time."

Last week, Gibson similarly noted that the number of U.S. troops killed in combat in Iraq in December so far may signal that the month will turn out to "have the fewest U.S. casualties since the war began." Gibson, from the Thursday, December 18 World News: "Good news from Iraq today. There were no bombings reported anywhere in the country. Two U.S. troops have been killed in action so far this month. That puts December on a pace to have the fewest U.S. casualties since the war began."

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