'The Simpsons' to Allege Republican Vote Stealing Two Days Before Election

Your humble correspondent realizes that a lot of celebrities are in the tank for Barack Obama but he is especially disappointed to learn that Homer Simpson appears to be numbered among them. The November 2 (just two days before the election) episode of the Simpsons will include this clip of Homer casting his vote for John McCain then changing his mind and attempting to vote for Barack Obama numerous times to no avail. Each Obama vote that Homer casts is registered as another vote for McCain. When Homer finally accuses the voting machine of being rigged...well, you'll have to see his fate in the video. The video itself is actually pretty funny as you can see and it might end up helping McCain since it will cause extreme leftwing paranoia should the race be tight by election day. That could be very counterproductive for the Democrats since the voting public could be turned off by their paranoid antics. Doh!

Yes, Homer Simpson, despite the message, is quite amusing in this episode. Less amusing, however, is the attitude of "The Simpson's" producer that it is somehow only Republicans engaging in vote fraud when the Democrats perpetrate such activity on a mass scale. Here is a report on this episode by the TV Guy in the Orlando Sentinel:

Homer Simpson a Barack Obama supporter?

Yes, it's true.

"He says it's time for change. He's going to vote Obama," executive producer Al Jean says.

But it's the annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode of "The Simpsons," and the machine repeatedly gives Homer's vote to John McCain. Finally, the voting machine tries to kill Homer.

The short skit is not an Obama endorsement, but a commentary on irregularities in the voting system, Jean says. The episode will air Nov. 2 on Fox, two days before the election.

"The Simpsons" starts its 20th season this weekend. Jean also says the cast has been signed for four more years, including the coming one.

I guess Al Jean never heard of Obama's own ACORN organization whose specialty is vote fraud on a mass scale. So let us overlook all the evidence of vote fraud by Democrats and lay the blame on Republicans as Jean has done in this Simpsons episode. Oh, and one more beef I have with Al Jean from the same report:

Jean worked on the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. "I thought it exceeded what I hoped for," he says. "The ride is fantastic." He's especially proud of the way the show's writers paid attention to detail with little references.

Yeah, the plunges on that Simpsons Ride are so realistic that I came close to losing a couple of cheeseburgers while riding it last July. Anyway, great job on the ride Al, and I do wished you had paid more attention to the detail of mass Democrat vote fraud in that November 2 Simpsons episode.

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