Newsweek CW Sideways Over Biden Gaffe, Down on Palin

Newsweek screen capture | NewsBusters.orgJoe Biden's FDR gaffe was noticed, but with a shoulder shrug, by Newsweek's October 6 edition of "Conventional Wisdom." The same feature cheered Obama's debate performance as "presidential," gave the thumbs up to Dave Letterman's tirade against Sen. John McCain, and reveled in Gov. Sarah Palin's "moose caught in the headlights" interview with CBS "Evening News" anchor Katie Couric.

"Most popular YouTube video of the week: Katie Couric field-dressing Palin. Sometimes it takes a woman to expose a woman," read the introductory caption for the "First Great Debate Edition" of the weekly CW digest.

Yet when it came to Obama's gaffe-prone running mate, the CW only assigned a sideways arrow to the Delaware senator:

Biden: Said FDR spoke on TV in 1929. Problem: Wasn’t prez then, and TV wasn’t around.

Although the first debate last Friday at Ole Miss was a draw, CW gave Obama the up arrow:

Passes "presidential" test and stays loose in debate. Tie goes to the challenger.

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