BMI’s Gainor: Calif. Plan for Emissions Stickers ‘Government Overreach’

A proposal in California to require emissions-rating stickers on new cars is another example of "government overreach," according to Business & Media Institute Vice President Dan Gainor.

Gainor told "America's Election HQ" host E.D. Hill on Fox News Channel July 7 that California's decision could affect other parts of the country because of its influence on environmental policies.

"California already affects the nation," he said. "At least 12 states copy their environmental regulations. California has the highest [gas] taxes at 75 cents a gallon and the second-highest overall cost of gas," Gainor noted.

The point of the stickers would be to inform new car buyers of a car's emissions impact in the name of making consumers more educated, according to Tom Cackette of the California Air Resources Board, also a guest on "America's Election HQ."

But Gainor contended that the free market, not government intervention, is creating educated consumers.

"[I]f California really wants people to make changes they should assume people are already doing it," Gainor said. "In fact they are doing it. The free market works. People can find this information [in] Consumer Reports; they can find it on the Web. The government doesn't need to get involved."

"If the media would put two-and-two together and connect $4 a gallon gas prices with something like massive government overreach and huge regulation, maybe people would begin to learn," Gainor said.