Denver Post Downplays Recreate 68 While Criticizing Rush Limbaugh

The Denver Post has managed the amazing feat of criticizing Rush Limbaugh for supposedly calling for riots at this summer's Democrat convention in Denver while completely downplaying the role of the very organization calling for recreating 68 and all the problems of Chicago '68 that implies in their article provocatively titled Limbaugh dreams of DNC riot:

Rush Limbaugh says he is not calling for a riot in Denver during the Democratic National Convention — he only "dreams" of it, to the tune of "White Christmas."

The conservative talker discussed the possibility of Mile High unrest in August on his national radio show for a second day in a row Thursday.

"Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of riots in Denver," he said mimicking the holiday tune.

What the Denver Post failed to mention is that Rush sang that in an entirely satirical manner in response to a caller named Lisa on Thursday who accused Rush of being racist for having sung the tune, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas." Since the caller also accused Rush of inciting riots in Denver because he has pointed out that Al Sharpton threatened demonstrations at that convention if Barack Obama fails to be nominated, Rush turned both accusations into a parody with "I'm Dreaming of Riots" in order to poke fun at both her accusations. Your humble correspondent heard this live on the air Thursday at a little before 1:00 PM and is surprised that the Denver Post has not bothered to do even the most basic research into the background of this.

Most amazing is that the Denver Post quoted an organizer of the organization Recreate 68 (symbol above) that does plan demonstrations in Denver but only as a way to slam Limbaugh:

Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the protest group Re-create 68, called Limbaugh "a fool." We don't need another 5,000 illiterate Limbaugh listeners coming to Colorado," he said, mocking a comment this week by state Rep. Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, who called migrant workers "illiterate peasants" as he debated a bill to accommodate up to 5,000 guest workers in the state.

The only other mention of Recreate 68 was a quote by local talk show host, John Andrews, critical of that organization:

"Look, nobody seriously wants violence and civil disobedience at the Denver convention," he said. "Rush is just saying, 'Make our day'; if, in fact, the Re-create 68 hooligans or the Al Sharpton street toughs or anybody else wants to disrupt the convention, they're going to hurt Democrats' chances in the fall."

In stark contrast to the media outrage about Limbaugh's out of context remarks, there is a virtual wall of silence in the mainstream media about the organization actually planning demonstrations in Denver, Recreate 68. A visit to the Recreate 68 web page, Street Tactics, includes a link to their Action Planning Manual page which after you click on it you can see is also called "The Ruckus Action Planning Manual."

Of course, if you based your information solely on the misleading Denver Post article, you would have thought that Rush Limbaugh himself was the author of "The Ruckus Planning Action Manual."

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