NPR Analyst Sells Book -- At Woman's Democratic Club of DC - Media Research CenterNPR senior news analyst Daniel Schorr has a new book out, a package of his radio commentaries. In a nod to where the NPR brand appeals most, Schorr will be selling his book at a members-only meeting of the Woman’s National Democratic Club next week, as Fishbowl DC passes along:

"Legendary broadcast journalist Daniel Schorr will speak about and sign his book, Come to Think of It at a luncheon program co-sponsored by the English-Speaking Union on Tuesday, February 19 at the Woman's National Democratic Club. ... The cost of the program is $30. For tickets, contact the English-Speaking Union at 234-4602, or the Woman's National Democratic Club at (202) 232-7363."

Is the book liberal? The Amazon page quotes Publishers Weekly:

The author (Staying Tuned: A Life in Journalism) and NPR senior news analyst tackles déja vu-inducing topics like dissatisfaction over the Iraq policy of President Bush in the early '90s (a chief executive "who attends orchestrated events and expresses what sounds like orchestrated empathy"), and a Clinton presidential campaign facing character issues and a "gotcha" press mentality.

The publishers at Viking also highlight the lefty talk:

[It’s] a peerless commentary on the history of our time. Schorr’s essays reveal him as a master of pithy, get-to-the-point analysis, whether he is calling the Supreme Court’s 2000 decision to seat George W. Bush as president a "junta" by a "Gang of Five" or eviscerating a conservative counterpart for belittling F.D.R.’s legacy.

This ought to be a cozy Democratic event.

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Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis