Limbaugh on YouTube Debate: 'Nothing New About It But the Method of Transferral'

Just a moment ago, radio host Rush Limbaugh was blasting the mainstream media's notion that the YouTube debates represent a revolution in American presidential debates.

Not so, says Limbaugh, at least in terms of the content of the questions asked. They're still as inane and moronic, or brilliant (in rare circumstances) as they've always been because they're the same inance, moronic, or brilliant (rare circumstances) people asking them.

Instead, Limbaugh insists, we are seeing a revolution in media technology being confused for a nascent political revolution.

Now couple that, the notion that "new voices" are being heard in the YouTube debates ,with the wild left-wing skew we've documented at NewsBusters, and you see the media's liberal bias at work in staging the 2008 election in terms of liberal issue battlegrounds.

NewsBusters will be covering the debates tonight and track the agenda of questions and how they skew. Stay tuned to NewsBusters for coverage. Yours truly might also live-blog the debate, leaving the comments field as a space for you our readers to react in real time as well.


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