I Want My GoreTV: MTV Launches New Global Warming Alarmism Campaign

Just in case our kids weren’t getting enough global warming alarmism from their teachers and the mainstream media, MTV announced Wednesday that it will be further brainwashing youth with junk science about the planet’s imminent doom.

How might that change Mark Knopfler’s fabulous “Money For Nothing” lyrics and video?

Before we get to that, here’s how Variety reported this announcement (h/t Tim Graham, emphasis added throughout):

Following its Staying Alive Aids campaign, MTV Networks International Wednesday unveiled its latest public service onslaught.

MTV Switch hopes to persuade the world's youth to cut their carbon emissions and help save the planet by launching an initiative aimed at "slowing the acceleration of global warming."

The campaign, backed by such celebrities as Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Good Charlotte, Enrique Iglesias, Shaggy and Rufus Wainwright, hopes to reach a potential audience of 1.5 billion people.

Yep. That’s what the planet needs – 1.5 billion people brainwashed with junk science:

MTV Networks topper Bill Roedy said: "We are facing a tipping point on climate change and we need to act now.”

Hmmm. Didn’t the G-8 just push this tipping point out to 2050? Regardless, the article outlined the brainwashing strategy:

Initiative will bow Thursday on 55 MTV channels in 162 countries plus 44 online and 16 mobile offerings.

MTV said that more than 25 third-party broadcasters have agreed to air the campaign. They include Community Channel (U.K.), RTP (Portugal), ERT (Greece), UJRT (Serbia), LBC (Lebanon), Metro TV (Indonesia), ITV (Tanzania) and TV6 (Trinidad).

Amazing. I guess if Knopfler and the gang redid their hit today, the lyrics would be:

Baloney For Nothing

I want my,
I want my GoreTV

I want my,
I want my GoreTV

Now look at them Gore-bots, that’s how you construe it
You put junk science on the MTV
That ain't honest, that’s how you construe it
Baloney for nothin, carbon credits for free

Now that ain't honest, that’s how you construe it
Lemme tell ya, they think we’re dumb
Maybe get you to buy a Toyota Prius
Maybe preach Kyoto til you’re numb

We gotta expose skeptical covens
Disaccustom dissent decrees
We gotta woo these educators
We gotta woo these folks on TV.

I guess you can make this stuff up.  :-)

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